Jamie T – Kings and Queens Review

Jamie Alexander Treays a.k.a Jamie T is back with his latest CD “Kings & Queens”. Signed with Virgin records Jamie T has become a very popular force in UK music Scene. He has won Shockwaves NME award for best solo artists in 2007 and has had his past single “Sheila” climb the UK top 40 charts.

Jamie T’s new album “Kings & Queen” is a little scattered with half of its tracks being fast paced, others being slow and has one song starting out live. The faster hip hop infused songs like “British Intelligence”, “Chakus Demus” and “Sticks ‘n’ Stones” have a loud sound with Jamie T rapping his way through some of the lyrics. While the slower songs like “Jilly Armeen” are more acoustic and have a softer feeling to them.

“Sticks “n’ Stones” was one of the first released singles off the album and is packed full of crude lyrics matched with Jamie T’s spunky vocals. With lyrics like “I’m a featherweight champion, cheap to get pissed” and “cradle to the grave, I know we always misbehave” the song feels like a young, drunken weekend packed into a 4 minute song.

It’s hard to decide what type of category Kings & Queens falls into. It doesn’t fit one genre. Jamie T’s songs are Indie, rock, punk and have the occasional flare of hip-hop. Even though each song on this album is completely different I still loved the whole CD; Maybe its just his British accent, but Jamie T makes the entire album sound cool in that garage punk kind of way.

Jamie T – Sticks N Stones
Jamie T – Spider's Web
Jamie T – Chaka Demus


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