Vera Baker and Obama

Well it could not be long before President Obama had some new problem to deal with. A new book has just been released titled "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage" there is a story about  an attractive young women, Vera Baker, who apparently sort of caught Barak Obama’s eye. According to the book, Vera Baker was a campaign worker on the Barak Obama campaign who had grown close to the future president much to Michelle Obama’s displeasure.

Apparently this type of thing happened a lot on the campaign with women literally throwing themselves at Barak Obama. The text states that Michelle was getting very tired of all this attention Barak was receiving and she was not amused by the antics of women on the campaign trail which ranged from grabbing Barak Obama in various parts to slipping phone numbers in his pocket.

It seems that Vera Baker was a little too much since Barak apparently showed some interest in her. In the book the author states, "When Baker suddenly and inexplicably vanished from the campaign and resurfaced on the Caribbean island of Martinique, tongues reportedly began wagging. A jealous Michelle, it was suggested, had engineered Baker’s departure." Whether this is true or not is still to be seen, but I would think that Michelle Obama could be the jealous type.

So will this new book pick up any steam in the press and give President Obama something else to fight off or not will be seen in the coming days. There are not any allegations of Barak actually having an affair with Vera Baker in the book, but you never know where something like this may go once the press gets a hold of it.

Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage


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