Pregnant woman pregnant again: Celebrity exposure given to a woman who got pregnant twice

Pregnant women can't get pregnant again, right? That's the assumption made by Betsy on Mad Men -- who slept with another man after her own philandering husband impregnated her unexpectedly.

It's the assumption made by this reporter when I wrote "Ten Things to Love About Pregnancy" for Pregnancy magazine, thinking that being pregnant was its own natural form of birth control.

Turns out we were all wrong: Pregnant women can get pregnant again, while they're still pregnant!

The New York Daily News has a fascinating story about Julia Grovenburg, who got pregnant again about 2 1/2 weeks after getting pregnant.

It may be a rare case of superfetation, or conceiving while pregnant, and "pregnant while pregnant" is getting the kind of volcanic searches reserved for celebrities like Beyonce or Angelina Jolie, making the pregnant twice mom an unexpectedly celebrity today -- with a whole new surprising bundle of baby joy

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Alex Bronson said...

is it wrong for me to think that this is a little disturbing? does this mean that pregnant couples will have to start using a condom if they don't want to get even more pregnant (pregnanter?) ?

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