My Word is My Bond

My Word is My Bond: A Memoir
Sir Roger Moore
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I've always liked Roger Moore, and could not resist a book with such a pun in the title - which refers, of course, to the fact that Moore played James Bond in several movies. He tells his story light-heartedly, for the most part, with a view to entertaining. He got his start as a teenager, married once quite young which only lasted a few years. His second wife, Dorothy Squires, was a famous British singer 12 years older, and through her he got to know many folks in the entertainment business. That marriage lasted many few years, but the two of them were traveling so often, and often living on different continents, that they drifted apart and it ended when he fell in love with his third wife while shooting a film in Italy. His third marriage again lasted many years and produced his three children whom he clearly adores. Eventually that marriage ended in the late 90s and he married his fourth wife and soul mate.
In the early 90s, Audrey Hepburn persuaded him to become involved in UNICEF, and it is in the stories of what he has seen in his travels for that organization that the book acquires depth and meaning. The work he did for them led to his knighthood by the Queen of England.
There are lots of stories of celebrities strewn through the book. He promised that if he did not have anything nice to say about someone, he wouldn't mention them. He breaks down a few times, and his stories of Glen Ford and Grace Jones, in particular, are not flattering. However, for the most part, he tells stories of people he liked, and some that he cared deeply for, including David Niven and his producer on the Bond films, Albert "Cubby" Broccoli.
Given the later reactions of some Bond actors, it is interesting to see that he is entirely grateful for the Bond experience. He was equally happy with the earlier seven-year run of the TV series The Saint. Both brought him fame and fortune, and he has nothing but good things to say for the people, including the crews, of both.
All in all, an enjoyable read, like having a visit with a charming raconteur who has led an interesting life, and in the end, worked hard to give back to the world. The last part of the book is a quick summary of some of the many countries he has visited and his experiences there.
Well done, Sir Roger.

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